Screw piles foundations

Advantages of screw piles

At Xtreme Post, we offer a modern, clean, affordable, accessible and safe alternative for all your foundation needs. In addition to coming with a lifetime guarantee against frost movement, our screw piles offer many other advantages over conventional poured concrete:

(Poured-concrete foundation)
(Screw piles)

Can shift due to ground motion and frost.

Guaranteed against frost movement.

Excavation required to pour concrete.

  No excavation necessary.

Rubble and debris.


Heavy machinery on grass and asphalt.

  Multipurpose equipment ensures land does not get damaged.

Time spent waiting for the concrete to harden.

  Fast — construction can start as soon as the screw piles are in place.

Lots of planning required.

  Less time and money wasted, as planning is limited to placing markers to identify the desired location of the piles.

Must be built before the rest of the project.

  Piles can be installed beneath existing structures.

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Product accredited by the CCMC 13353-R