How much do screw piles cost?

What you need to keep in mind is that they’re less expensive than people think. Several things must be factored in before we can quote you a price: the type of structure to be supported, the soil type, the length, etc. Contact your local franchisee for more information.

How much weight can a pile support?

The maximum load for each pile will be determined upon installation. It all depends on the soil type. The more compact the soil, the more weight the piles can support. In accordance with the standards and quality requirements to which Xtreme Posts is committed, the load-bearing capacity (compression, tension) of every pile is confirmed by one of our experts upon installation. What’s more, where needed, an engineer will issue a certificate of conformity regarding the work to be done.

How many piles will be required for my project?

Every project is unique. Xtreme Posts’ trained expert will be able to advise you. He or she will visit the site to properly evaluate the work to be done. Based on the project at hand and the expert’s experience, he or she will be able to tell you how many piles will be needed.

Is it necessary to leave a minimum distance between each pile?

We usually recommend leaving a distance of 8–10 feet between each pile.

Does it matter if the soil on my property is rocky?

Not a problem. Our specialists are used to such situations and will be able to move the rocks to get the pile through. If a rock is too big, we can install the pile somewhere else (if possible). If the construction requires that the pile be in that exact location, we may need to excavate. This only happens in rare cases, though. Where needed, we use a mini-excavator.

Can piles be installed if there’s solid rock beneath the ground?

Of course! Part of the reason we call it a rock-solid foundation is because Xtreme Posts has a technique for anchoring piles in rock.

Can I have piles installed after my project has been completed?

At Xtreme Posts, nothing gets in our way and everything is possible. We are here to find a solution. Whether an existing patio, deck, solarium, carport or anything else, it is possible to install piles. Our installer will discuss the options that are available to you.

Do the piles need to be covered in plastic or filled with polyurethane to protect them from the frost?

No. The piles are made of galvanized steel. The blades act as anchors and prevent the piles from heaving with the frost. This is why we install them below the frost line.

Do your piles rust over time?

Xtreme Posts’ piles are hot-dip galvanized according to strict standards. As such, they cannot rust.

Are Xtreme Posts’ piles industry-recognized?

Xtreme Posts’ piles meet very strict standards and are approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC). This organization is responsible for evaluating and approving all construction-related products in Canada. For your protection, it is very important to use piles that have been tested and approved by the CCMC, as that guarantees their quality. In fact, most municipalities and insurance companies demand as much.

Can I have piles installed in an asphalt yard?

We will make a hole where the pile needs to be installed. Your asphalt will only require a little touch-up.

Can I install the piles myself?

No. Xtreme Posts’ high-quality screw piles must be installed by fully trained professionals. All of our franchisees have the necessary qualifications to advise you, no matter the project. We also have equipment specially designed to perform our type of solid, safe installation.

What is the difference between a screw pile and a Sonotube

There are many advantages to using piles. See the Advantages and What sets Xtreme Posts apart sections for more information.

Do I need to verify anything before having screw piles installed on my property?

Yes. It’s important to know what lies beneath the surface of your property. If you don’t know (water inlet, electrical cables, sewers, gas pipes or any other underground installation), our franchisees can’t know, either. Call Info-Excavation at 1-800-663-9228 (free service; www.info-ex.com) for a locate request.

Product accredited by the CCMC 13353-R