Screw piles installation specialized equipment

Specialized equipment

The quality control and expertise developed over the years at Xtreme Post have allowed us to build our own machinery.

The smaller size and multipurpose capability of our equipment make it possible for us to access locations that are hard to get to with traditional equipment.

Our primary equipment consists of a four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle (ATV), which has been fitted with a high-performance hydraulics system. Our machinery is also equipped with a motor that activates a hydraulic circuit, which in turn powers the rotation head and hydraulic mast. The multipurpose aspects of the ATV make it ideal for many different types of foundation work.

We also use a mini-excavator that has been fitted with an auger driver. This high-performance piece of equipment is extremely mobile on almost all types of terrain. It allows us to remove old concrete pilasters and even rocks, making it possible to guarantee same-day screw pile installation.

With Xtreme Post specialized equipment, screw piles can be installed in any type of soil and on any type of terrain, even in hard-to-reach locations, no matter your project.

Product accredited by the CCMC 13353-R