Screw piles beam supportA screw pile

What is a screw pile?

A screw pile is a large metal screw with one or more threads (helical blades), which is firmly screwed into the ground and anchored below the frost line, eliminating ground movement caused by the annual freeze-thaw cycle and variations in terrain. The screw piles are designed to remain stable and withstand the weather.

A central shaft adapted to your needs

This long screw — a central shaft with a circular steel thread welded to the bottom — can be adapted to any type of construction or renovation. The central steel shaft can vary in diameter and length, the shortest measuring seven feet long. One of our installation specialists will determine which screw pile is best for your project.

Threads that allow for precision drilling

The threads are angled to create the desired pitch, which is carefully controlled with hydraulic equipment. These threads are the basis of the screw pile system and are commonly referred to as “blades.” The diameter and number of blades is determined based on the bearing capacity of the soil (compactness and type) and the load to be supported.

Fixed or adjustable pile heads

Depending on the nature of your project, the screw pile head will be fixed or adjustable. One of our experts will advise you which is the best choice for your needs.

All Xtreme Post screw piles are produced according to the highest quality standards at our plant in Danville, Québec. Recognized by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC 13353-R) and in keeping with the spirit of the National Building Code, Xtreme Post piles offer an accessible and safe solution for all your foundation needs.

Product accredited by the CCMC 13353-R