What is a screw pile?

A screw pile is a large metal screw with one or more threads (helical blades), which is firmly screwed into the ground and anchored below the frost line, eliminating ground movement caused by the annual freeze-thaw cycle and variations in terrain. The screw piles are designed to remain stable and withstand the weather. All Xtreme Post screw piles are produced according to the highest quality standards at our plant in Danville, Québec. Evaluated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre and in keeping with the spirit of the National Building Code, Xtreme Post piles offer an accessible and safe solution for all your foundation needs.


Fixed or adjustable pile heads

Depending on the nature of your project, the screw pile head will be fixed or adjustable. One of our experts will advise you which is the best choice for your needs.

A central shaft adapted to your needs

This long screw — a central shaft with a circular steel thread welded to the bottom — can be adapted to any type of construction or renovation. The central steel shaft can vary in diameter and length, the shortest measuring seven feet long. One of our installation specialists will determine which screw pile is best for your project.

Threads that allow for precision drilling

The threads are angled to create the desired pitch, which is carefully controlled with hydraulic equipment. These threads are the basis of the screw pile system and are commonly referred to as “blades.” The diameter and number of blades is determined based on the bearing capacity of the soil (compactness and type) and the load to be supported.


At Xtreme Post, we offer a modern, clean, affordable, accessible and safe alternative for all your foundation needs. In addition to coming with a lifetime guarantee against frost movement, our screw piles offer many other advantages over conventional poured concrete:

Before ( Poured-concrete foundation )

Can shift due to ground motion and frost. Excavation required to pour concrete. Rubble and debris. Heavy machinery on grass and asphalt. Time spent waiting for the concrete to harden. Lots of planning required. Must be built before the rest of the project.

Now ( Screw piles )

Guaranteed against frost movement. No excavation necessary. Clean. Multipurpose equipment ensures land does not get damaged. Fast — construction can start as soon as the screw piles are in place. Less time and money wasted, as planning is limited to placing markers to identify the desired location of the piles. Piles can be installed beneath existing structures.

Advantages Video


Ten reasons to do business with us:

  1. Every Xtreme Post screw pile is installed by a highly trained professional.
  2. Quick turnaround times that respect your schedule.
  3. Excellent value in terms of quality and price.
  4. Each pile’s load-bearing capacity is confirmed upon installation.
  5. Can be installed on any terrain (uneven, difficult to access, etc.) and in any soil type (sand, clay, rock, etc.).
  6. Screw piles can be relocated as needed.
  7. Screw piles can be installed below the water level, through the water table.
  8. Ecologically sound: screw piles can be installed near water with no risk of soil erosion or water contamination.
  9. Our technique is environmentally friendly.
  10. Every screw pile is constructed at the company’s head office, in Québec. You deal directly with the manufacturer.


The quality control and expertise developed over the years at Xtreme Post have allowed us to build our own machinery.

The smaller size and multipurpose capability of our equipment make it possible for us to access locations that are hard to get to with traditional equipment.Our primary equipment consists of a four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle (ATV), which has been fitted with a high-performance hydraulics system. Our machinery is also equipped with a motor that activates a hydraulic circuit, which in turn powers the rotation head and hydraulic mast.
The multipurpose aspects of the ATV make it ideal for many different types of foundation work. We also use a mini-excavator that has been fitted with an auger driver.
This high-performance piece of equipment is extremely mobile on almost all types of terrain. It allows us to remove old concrete pilasters and even rocks, making it possible to guarantee same-day screw pile installation. With Xtreme Post specialized equipment, screw piles can be installed in any type of soil and on any type of terrain, even in hard-to-reach locations, no matter your project.


All Xtreme Post screw piles are produced according to the highest quality standards at our plant in Danville, Québec. Our staff is trained to deliver products that meet the high standards of quality that our loyal customers are accustomed to.

Xtreme Posts reliability

In fact, Xtreme Post has received approvals from the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC 13353-R) and complies with the requirements of Québec’s Building Act, including the Construction Code and Safety Code, and Ontario’s Building Code Act and related rulings.

Xtreme Posts quality

In accordance with the standards and quality requirements to which Xtreme Post is committed, the load-bearing capacity (compression, tension) of every screw pile is confirmed by one of our experts upon installation. What’s more, where needed, an engineer will issue a certificate of conformity regarding the work to be done.

Technical data for a rock-solid foundation

All of the product’s steel components (central shaft, blades and accessories) conform to CAN/CSA-G40.21-04, « Structural Quality Steel », and also have a coating of 610 g/m3, which protects them against galvanic corrosion and meets the requirements of CAN/CSA-G164-M92, « Hot Dip Galvanizing of Irregularly Shaped Articles ». The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) permits the use of this product in construction financed or insured under the National Housing Act. For more information, see Evaluation Report CCMC 13353-R on the Xtreme Posts (Pieux Xtrême) screw pile.