Solar panels and agricultural domes on screw piles

Are you planning to install solar panels or add an agricultural dome? Have you thought about screw piles to simplify their installation?

These are well known and often used for patio construction, where they effectively replace concrete pillars, such as sonotubes. They are also frequently used as a foundation for a building extension. However, their usefulness doesn’t end there. Screw piles can be used for the installation and construction of various structures, including the installation of solar panels and agricultural domes.

Solar panel installation

There are several reasons why you might choose to install solar panels. Perhaps you dream of self-sufficiency in electrical energy consumption, or you want to take another step towards significantly reducing your ecological footprint. Whatever your goal, in order to offer better stability and durability, each solar panel should be fixed on a solid base. Well anchored in the ground, screw piles offer a robustness that will make your solar panel installation a remarkable success!

Advantages of screw piles for solar panel installations

For a proper installation that will remain strong year after year, screw piles are a wise choice. They offer many advantages, including:


  • Quick and easy installation
  • High durability and strength of materials
  • Can be installed in confined spaces
  • Increased resistance to temperature changes
  • No damage to the property’s grounds
  • Reusable if you change the location of your solar panels


Did you know that a concrete slab on screw piles resists ground movements caused by freezing and thawing? Thanks to its galvanized steel composition and installation below the frost level, the screw pile offers phenomenal stability! Learn more in our article Are screw piles stronger than frost and rock?”

Foundation for agricultural domes

Are your buildings no longer big enough to house all your equipment and installing an agricultural dome seems like a good solution? Installing a dome is certainly easier and faster than building a new building, especially if you choose a screw pile foundation! In addition to being installed in a short time, your dome will rest on a very solid base. Screw piles can even be used as a foundation for various silos. The ability to support heavy loads and the stability they offer make them an excellent choice.

 Screw piles facilitate the installation of storage domes

Despite the large amount of space available on agricultural land, it is not always possible or even desirable to use an excavator to dig up the soil to build concrete foundations. The process damages a larger area of land than is required, is much more time consuming and is often more expensive. The use of screw piles allows the foundation that will support the dome to be put in place much more quickly, and without leaving any marks. Like all screw pile construction, the agricultural dome also benefits from the many advantages of screw piles!

Lesser-known applications, but just as effective!

The installation of an agricultural dome on a screw pile foundation to store your equipment or hay bales is a very good example of less common applications of screw piles that show just how versatile their use is. Find out more right here: other application examples!

Does your project require a solid foundation? Think about screw piles!

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